11 mil Tyvek Banner

11 mil Tyvek Banner

906 is a 11 mil outdoor durable, Tyvek® with a low glare, matte finish, a water resistant, scratch resistant coating for long lasting applications. The bright white, inkjet coating provides universal compatibility on most inkjet printers. It also provides water and fade resistance for long term outdoor use. 906 provides excellent ink adhesion, print quality, black density, color pop and image clarity as well as exceptional strength and durability for repeated handling 




Core Size: 3.0 w/Universal Core Adapter for 2"
Outside Diameter of Roll 4.3"
Basis Weight 140 g/m²
Caliper 11 mil
Opacity 96%
Whiteness 120 Degree White Point Matte Coated
Base material Tyvek® or Polyethylene Structure Coated 
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Durable Tyvek® base material - Water & fade resistant coating - Scratch & tear resistant - Excellent print performance - Excellent ink adhesion - Excellent black density and color pop - Smooth matte finish - Short term outdoor durable - Grommeting and welding - Indoor and Outdoor Compatible - Signs and Banner  - Waterproof Applications

PROCESSING TIPS - Preferred side out

FINISHING & PRINTING - Allow sufficient time for prints to completely dry before rolling, laminating or cutting. - Use a sharp blade to prevent ink and toner flaking on the edges - Compatible with most brands of banner tape - Compatible with most brands of grommets - Grommets should be placed in multiple layers in th hemline (reinforced corners are also recommended)

SHELF LIFE 2 years from ship date

STORAGE CONDITIONS Temperature 70° F (21° C) Relative Humidity 50% Temperature 50-85° F (10-30° C) Relative Humidity 30-65%

OPTIMAL SERVICE ENVIRONMENT Temperature 50-85° F (10-30° C) Relative Humidity 30-65%