HP 4 Mil Double Matte Film 3" Core

HP 4 Mil Double Matte Film 3" Core

HP 4 Mil Double Matte Film 3" Core

Look to this professional-quality film to present your professional best. The matte print surface is engineered so your prints dry quickly and resist smudging and smearing. This dynamic matte surface prevents lines from bleeding and promotes strong ink adhesion to prevent ink transfer when stacking sheets or overlaying drawings. The reverse surface is treated to minimize static build up and accepts manual edits with pencil or ink.
Meet your project deadlines. Optimized for HP high-speed Page Wide printers and compatible with dye/pigmented ink, this matte film provides consistent, high-quality images, print to print, and roll to roll. The polyester film base is dimensionally stable and durable, so sheets won't tear in high-speed production equipment.
Help meet the environmental objectives of your company—and your clients. HP 4 Mil Double Matte Film is recyclable.


  • Optimized print receptive coating: Sharp line quality; consistent, vivid color.
  • Reverse Matte Surface: Easy sheet stacking without ink transfer, make manual edits with pencil or ink.
  • Compatible with many HP print devices including high-speed Page Wide printers: Versatile film for high productivity.
  • Polyester Film Base: Dimensionally stable, durable, and recyclable.

Target Customers

  • Architects Engineers Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professionals 

Target Applications 

  • Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) documents
  • Durable, tear resistant Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Maps
  • Translucent AEC Overlay Proofs