Matte Paper 170g

Matte Paper 170g

kodak-logo-2017-1.jpgMatte Paper 170g

Features a water-resistant coating that is instant dry with dye or pigmented ink. It serves as an excellent choice for short term, temporary graphics. It also allows for heavy ink coverage up to 300%

  • Core Size: 2.0"
  • Basis Wt. - 170gsm
  • Caliper – 7.0 mil
  • Compatible with dye/pigment inks
  • Improved white point and color saturation
  • Increased weight and thickness for true photographic feel
  • Cold laminate compatible

Used to produce low-cost posters, signage, photo enlargements, proofs, presentations, mounted graphics and displays
Lightfastness Inkjet ink fading time is based on the ink you use and the print display environment. Dye-based inks fade noticeably under direct sunlight and interior applications where direct sunlight may fall on the image, and/or where fluorescent or other UV lighting is present. Though fading is inherent in all inkjet inks, certain UV-resistant inks, pigment-based inks, and UV-inhibiting coatings will extend image longevity. For light-fastness data and to determine an ink’s suitability for the application, contact the ink manufacturer.
Finishing/Post Processing It is recommended that you protect the printed side by mounting under glass, laminating, clear coating, or using photographic sleeves. This will help ensure image durability and stability. Pressure sensitive laminates provide the best bond. Applying the laminate by hand is not recommended.

Handling Recommendations Avoid touching the coated surface and use cotton gloves when handling inkjet coated materials. Rolls of Kodak inkjet media come with the coated side facing out.
Ideal Storage Conditions 70° F (21° C), 50% R.H. (a controlled environment is recommended); store in original packaging
Shelf Life 1 year from the ship date when stored in proper conditions.