48lb. Cheap and Good 3" Core

48lb. Cheap and Good 3" Core

753 is an 8 mil (48 lb) premium inkjet coated paper featuring a smooth bright white surface. 753, proprietary instant dry coating offers excellent ink and adhesion, print quality, line acuity and image clarity across multiple print technologies without sacrificing print speed or color accuracy. 753 offers plug and play printing with standard on board “coated paper” settings on most inkjet printers. 753 is an economical solution for a wide variety of applications ranging from general signage to decor fine art.

Ink Compatibility



This product is direct and straight to the point "Cheap (in cost) and GOOD (in product) it is a robust, 48 lb. coated inkjet paper that is durable for outdoor applications. It delivers water resistant print with no need for lamination, crisplines, dense blacks and vivid colors, and fast-dry time. Compatible with both thermal and piezo printers, dye and pigment inks

Physical Properties

Core Size 3" Adapter Included in Roll for 2" Conversion - Caliper 8 mil - Basis Weight 180 g/m2 - Bond Weight 48LB - Brightness 104 - Opacity 100% - Finish Matte - Base material Paper - Structure Coated


Compatible with both thermal and piezo printers, dye and pigment inks
Archival stability
Quick-dry, water-resistant coating for smudgeproof images
Outstanding quality images
Waterproof (when using pigment ink)


Signs and posters - Screen printing - POP displays - Digital fine art - Trade show displays - Presentations


Lamination is not required. However, it does accept most pressure-sensitive and low temperature hot laminating materials. Laminates with UV inhibitors increase fade and scratch resistance.


Store unused media in its original packaging. • Before use, allow media to acclimate to the environment. • Avoid touching the printable side without cotton gloves. • Allow media to dry thoroughly before any secondary operations. • Do not allow the printed surface to come in contact with itself.

Processing Tips

Ink lay down not to exceed 350% • For optimum results, use process black as opposed to composite black • Printers should be set for the highest print quality and media selection should be “heavy coated” • Use pigment ink for waterproof prints

Color Profile

For more exacting color, it is recommended to develop custom profiles for a given ink/media/printer combination.