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Plotter Paper Roll Size Chart + Plotterpaper.com

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Inkjet Paper Rolls
Diazo Blueprint Paper,   36
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The first thing that comes to mind when someone hears the words, "Paper rolls" are paper towels or tissue. While it may be true that those items do come in rolls and we do use them around the house, in turn, the phrase "paper roll" has become a household phrase.

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Popular sizes are the 4 in, the 8.3 in, the 8.5 in, the 10 in and the 13 in. Other roll paper types are the 16 in, 16.5 in, the 17 in, the 20 in and the 24 in. The 36 in is also used as is the 42 in, the 44 in, the 50 in, the 54 in and the 60 in.

Compare product by sizes below. Click on size you wish to survey. Return to this page and review further down to find product if needed.

17 lb 18 lb 20 lb 24 lb 28 lb 35 lb 36 lb 38 lb
46 LB 48 LB 3mil 4mil 6mil 7mil 8mil 9mil
10mil 11mil 180gm 190gm        

Plotter Paper, can come in 150 fee rolls - 500 foot rolls (average sizes). Imagine the weight of those rolls when packed together. You can hear our warehouse agents saying. "Roll that skid of rolls over here". That in itself is nearly not easy to gather a mental picture. Yet we grow up in society, programmed. If we were to see a stack of rolls tied together on a palette, "Paper Rolls" may be a good way to communicate what you see.

hpmedia0.pngIn Large-format Printing, the "paper rolls" for the large printer/plotter (paper often called wide format paper or large format paper) will have 2 different sizes at the core. (the end of the roll that is heled by the machine has a hole in diameter of either 2-inches or 3-inches.

 3 inches are used in Xerox plotter/printers (or that was the way it began). Rolls for a xerox machine mainly used by Engineers in Engineering Copiers. The 3 inch roll is a brainchild of xerox.

Then, there is the 2-inch rolls. Not quite as heavy..............

color-bond0.pngHere are some basic sizes of Plotter Paper Rolls that will give you a good idea.

The two paper standards, North American and ISO are supported by all inkjet printers. The US paper standards are:A.   B – ledger or tabloid inkjet paper size (279mm x 432mm, 11in x 17in), the Super A3 or Super B size (330mm x 483mm, 13in x 19in) and the C size (432mm x 559mm, 17in x 22in).
Common SO paper standards used are the A4 (210mm x 279mm, 8.3in x 11.7in), the A3 (297mm x 420mm, 11.7in x 16.5in) and the A2 (420mm x 594mm, 16.5in x 23.4in).  Look below.


18" x 24", 2 Pack/Carton 
24" x 100' 1 Roll/Carton
24" x 150' 4 Roll/Carton
30" x 150' 4 Roll/Carton
30" x 500' 2 Roll/Carton
36" x 150' 4 Roll/Carton
36" x 150' 4 Roll/Carton
36" x 300' 2 Roll/Carton
36" x 500' 2 Roll/Carton
42" x 150' 4 Roll/Carton

These are average Cut Sheets sizes

This is the Architectural Standards
US Architectural Drawing Sizes
Commonly used US Architectural Drawing


(mm) (inches)
ARCH E SIZE 36 X 48 

And the ones below are Engineering


ANSI Drafting Paper Sizes
Commonly used US Engineering Drawing


(mm) (inches)
ANSI A 8.5 x 11
ANSI B 11 x 17
ANSI C 17 x 22
ANSI D 22 x 34
ANSI E 34 x 44

The first number (starting from the left) is the width of the roll (how far from one end to the other) the size of your banner, copy, equipment or project would determine what sizes there you could or should use. U can see it is usually 18, 24,30,36 ect. This was just a random copy/paste list from sales this week.

The second number from the left (in the left colum) identifies the length of the roll, which would determine how much paper you had to get the job done. The single digit that is next from left to right is the amount of rolls in one unit (one box or carton).

Curve ball. I put one in there for you. The top line of numbers is not a roll size. It is a cut sheet. Cut sheets of plotter paper rolls makes Excellent posters, large prints or great large copies.

We hare at Plotterpaper.com will gladly walk you through how to qualify what is the right size roll for you and the job you are presented with. 800-205-6783 Your topics could be "how much paper does it take for most that we talk to on average for the same size job?" Email us or call. We are here during business hours with any questions.

Here are a couple of links to quality paper in rolls catergorized by core size:

HP, Encad, Canon and other Inkjet Plotter Paper Printers or Plotter use 2 inch rolls - they are under the "Inkjet Plotter Paper" category.

Xerox uses 3 inch rolls for large Engineering Copiers - they are here under "Engineering Paper" and "Blueprint Paper" 


Please use the drop box below to leave your question, contact information or look around the site, then come back and give us your feedback.  I will talk a bit about the 2nd part of that list above (the Cut Sheets) in just a couple of days here.  Here is a link to some popular cut sheets that we sell.  You may wish to look those over. --> quick link

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